“Why Should There be another ENDSARS Protest?” – Ondo Police Command Says As It Warns Protesters.


The Ondo State Police Command has warned ENDSARS protesters against taking to the streets to protest.

The spokesperson for the command, Leo-Tee Ikoro stated that they are ready to ensure that what happened the last time does not repeat itself again.

According to him, “Why should there be another ENDSARS protest? SARS has been disbanded and ended; there is no reason anymore for anyone to be calling an end to SARS.

“All the SARS officers have been transferred. Some of them are still undergoing treatment. So what is the name they are going to give to this one? Except they are miscreants who want to us this period of the year to foment problems.”

He balanced the edge of the coin by stating that, “People are free to protest, but they are required to write the police for cover, and we will not allow any kind of thing that will see the destruction of property.”

“Anyone who tries it should be prepared to find himself in a detention camp, and may lose some parts of this body.”

“Because the law says if you see somebody trying to destroy a property and you ask him to leave there and he refuses, then you will need to use force to get him out of there.”

The police spokesperson who noted that no police officer will wait to see the kind of destruction witnessed during the last protest, added that the law already prescribed what should be done in such circumstances.

What do you think? Are these protesters on course? Should there be another protest? Or are the police right in saying that they’re just miscreants looking for trouble…

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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