Don't use cucumber in your vagina! This is why

Or should I say, what are the dangers of using a Cucumber as a sex toy? Anyways…here we go!

It’s now a common trend to use the cucumber as a sex toy when the actual sex toys aren’t available for use. Perhaps, they are quite expensive to buy…I mean, you could easily get a cucumber right? Why waste your time?

However, using a cucumber as a sex toy exposes you (the user) to some risks and perhaps, you might want to know them right? Let’s dive in, shall we?

Not the right tool!

The first reason why you shouldn’t use them is obviously! Cucumbers, often regarded as vegetables, is a fruit that grows from flowers and seeds.

Because of its high water content, it is mostly consumed by humans to keep us hydrated as well as nourish us with antioxidants that we need for our body systems to function well.

This is why you often see it alongside your barbecue or perhaps your creamy salad! So next time, you might wanna go with the saying “use the right tool for the right job!”

Risk of infecting your private area.

Cucumbers are natural foods gotten from the Earth, and as such, they would carry along with them some of the microorganisms contained in soil (that’s a characteristic of any food gotten from the Earth anyway).


According to a vagina expert Dr Jen Gunter, cucumbers are prone to all kinds of nasty fungi which if inserted into the vagina could cause fungal infections.

He said:

“There has been an increase over the past few years of opportunistic fungal infections, organisms that typically don’t cause human infection making the jump to humans when the right opportunity presents itself. An opportunity like says direct inoculation into a vagina.”

“All in all I’d say it’s probably wise to not introduce an object with unknown plant microorganisms into your vagina.”

Perhaps, you might wanna stick to Dr Jen’s advice.

It’s much bigger than you think!

I keep asking myself this question; “why do people use cucumber as a sex toy?” Then I found out it’s because of size…*shaking my head*

But do you know something…

Cucumbers and veggies generally, are usually harder and bigger than you think and usually have sharp and rough edges. You might think ‘oh, I can handle’ this then, boom you can’t.

Dr Jen Gunter warns that cucumbers could be more massive and rigid than you think they appear because of their high water content. This could lead to a serious phenomenon known as ‘bladder perforation’ which simply means you could puncture your bladder by using a cucumber.

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Pretty sure you don’t want that right?…

It could break inside you.

This is the one you should fear the most!

As stated earlier in this article, cucumbers have a high water content which makes them very brittle to the core.

You should know that when using the cucumber as a sex toy, it warms up (with your body warmth) and thus becomes mushy. If it breaks apart, you might have trouble retrieving parts from inside you.

The struggle to remove broken parts becomes ten folds when a larger size of cucumber breaks inside you. According to research, many people have ended up requiring surgery to remove a cucumber lodged in their rectum!

It’s a painful experience that can lead to death if left untreated.

So, you might wanna consider these four reasons before sticking up a cucumber in your vagina next time. Or perhaps, you could just leave them for the salads yeah?

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