Yhemolee Reveals Why He Prefers Dating Gold Diggers

Nightlife influencer Idowu Adeyemi, known as Yhemolee, provides insights into his dating preferences, explaining why he is drawn to women he labels as “gold diggers.”

In a recent episode of the Bhad and Boujee podcast, Yhemolee explained that he likes those categories of women because they recognise the value he has to offer.

While speaking on what he said might be the priorities of some men when it comes to spending money, Yhemolee stated that some men would rather spend lavishly on a woman he is not romantically involved with, than his own mother.

Speaking in Pidgin English, the singer said “Before a man sends N100,000 to his mother, he don send side chick N5 million. Even me, I don run am before.

“Me I like gold diggers o. It simply means, for you to want to dig gold, that means I have got gold baby.”

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