Nigerian Singer, Kara recently came out on her official Instagram account to blast popular crossdresser, Bobrisky, for giving immoral advice to his young female fans.

In her post, Kara warns people to beware of toxic messages such as Bobrisky’s own, in her opinion she thinks Bobrisky’s influence on social media is becoming dangerous.

She also notes that Bobrisky seeks to downgrade things that he admires, and that he secretly wants to be that ‘good girl’ that he calls stupid.

A Glimpse at Kara’s Post on Instagram

Kara said this after Bobrisky adviced young ladies to stop acting like ‘good girls’ as this won’t earn them money. The crossdresser also offered to teach his young female fans how to become financially buoyant through their relationship with their love interests in 2021.

His message to his female fans sparked mixed reactions from many Nigerians, and from the look of things, Kara did not take Bobrisky’s message likely.

See what Kara said below:

“You are an entertainer but it does seem your influences are becoming dangerous.

“You seek to downgrade all the things that deep down in your heart you admire and secretly want to emulate? You have copied everything a good girl should look like in your own mind and still you turn around to call them stupid? What are we teaching the younger generations?

“Is whoring now so mainstream that girls are encouraged to be walking lies and temptresses with no valid use in life? Why is everyone accepting this? How can we all forget God and His rules so quickly? You align yourself with what is popular. You do immoral things for some money and materials. You live for likes and comments on Instagram.

“This world is fleeting… These short term pleasures are not all there is. What the love of money affords you, in the end, is nothing but misery and young people need to beware of these toxic messages….”

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EDITOR’S NOTE: The proverb that says, “The love of money is the root of all evil,” says alot. It touches every sphere of life, especially in this world, where money is needed for everything. I advice you not to loose focus and pray to God for the spirit of discernment to differentiate between good and bad. Feel free to leave your comments in the comment section below.

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