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2709 Updates - Entertainment - video - December 21, 2021

Zazu break-out star, Portable acccuses Poco Lee of theft. (VIDEO)


Fast rising star, Portable recently set the internet on a frenzy when he shared a video with his followers on Instagram where he called out popular dancer, Poco Lee for theft.

According to the Zazu Crooner, Poco Lee is only pretending to be his friend when truly he only wants to steal his song. He said, Poco Lee was not showing him love and is only trying to rip him off.

Portable questioned why Poco Lee’s had to come first and made the arrangements of names representing owners of the song to be Poco Lee feat Portable.

The break-out singer warned Poco Lee to respect himself as the song doesn’t belong to him. He also said that the song should have be done as Portable feat Olamide with Poco Lee’s name coming last.


Also in the video, Portable made claims that Poco Lee cheated him of the money Wizkid sprayed on him on a stage.

According to him, Wizkid sprayed $300 bills on him amounting to $3000, and Poco Lee turned himself into money picker and Gabe him only $600 out of the $3000 Wizkid sprayed on him.


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