Nigerian Afrobeat superstar, Ayo Balogun, better known by his stage name Wizkid, has offered his opinions on the approaching elections in 2023.

In an interview with the Guardian UK, Wizkid predicted that in the election of 2023, old men would be driven from office.

He said;

“I’m about to go crazy on their asses this election. All these older men are going out of power this time. They need to go to an old people’s home and chill out.” 

The musician added that although things ought to be better, there is nothing to rejoice about in Nigeria.

“There’s nothing to celebrate [in Nigeria] except that [Nigerians] are amazing people in music, sports, comedy – entertainment in general. I’m proud of young Nigerians doing things around the world in tech. I have amazing friends, doing amazing things. That’s it, though. There’s nothing else,”

“But I feel hopeful there’ll be change. How soon? I’m not sure. But a lot has changed from growing up to now. There was a time when you could never speak to the president or anyone in government like that. But now you have a voice.” he said.


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