7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Entertainment Industry.

Everyone believes the Entertainment Industry to be one magical city whereby one can go from zero to hero, and where all dreams get fulfilled, you get tons of money and you finally get to meet those amazing people you always watched on TV and adored. Well, it happens, but trust me there are a whole lot of things that go on behind the scene that you are oblivious of.

  1. They are above the law: Even in the face of crime, these people can get their way off it. They have one of the biggest perpetuated crimes ranging from sexual harassment to drug abuse, domestic violence, and even murder. Remember last year, when the matter of this kind was trending, Yea.
  2. Anything is done for attention: Even if it’s to fabricate a story, they are gonna do it, just to get everyone talking. Most of the news you hear about celebrities is made up or fake. They do this to get you talking about them. They pull off so many publicity stunts, for example, a nude picture been exposed, an account being hacked, and the likes.
  3. Pressure is at its peak: Those who couldn’t handle the pressure fell off along the way. In this industry, it’s not about how talented or gifted you are, it’s about how you can keep up with all the pressure from fans, society, managers, the industry and still be able to be the world’s sweetheart. David, Wizkid, Burna-Boy, Tiwa Savage are not just at the top cause they are gifted, they’ve made a lot of compromises to be where they are, and if you are not ready to, you shouldn’t bother going into this industry.
  4. Family Issues: In this industry, it’s hard to balance your family life and your celebrity life. Those who can balance both well are 1 out of 10. In this industry, you hear a lot of divorce cases and many issues coming out from their marriage. It’s only in the entertainment industry you find this.
  5. Some awards are not deserved but bought: Shocked? Well don’t be, ’cause it’s damn true. You see your faves getting awards and you are so excited, what you do not know is that some of these awards flaunted by these celebrities were in fact, bought from the awarding organization. Exposed.

I know you’ve sometimes caught yourself wondering about what makes this industry more famous than any other industry, well I do so as well. There you go, the answers you need to stop you from wondering.

What are your thoughts on this, I would like to know, tell us in the comments section below.

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