A Nigerian woman creates history by becoming chancellor of a university in the UK

A Nigerian woman, Mrs Yekemi Otaru (née Awoseyin) has been hailed after she was appointed as the chancellor of the University of West Scotland in the United Kingdom.

Mrs Otaru is popular for supporting women in many third-world countries.

She’s also known for her mentorship programme.

She is the daughter of Dr Raphael Sunday Awoseyin from Ayedun town of Oke Ero Local Government Area of Kwara State.

Her exploit caught the attention of the Governor of Kwara State where she hails from, Abdulrazaq Abdulrahman, who commended her.

“We express our congratulations to Mrs Yekemi Otaru, her family, and the Oke Ero community on this historic feat. We are proud to see another Kwaran becoming a historic figure that is celebrated for her accomplishments and her commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion,” the Governor said.

“We believe that Mrs Otaru’s story, and similar ones like hers, will continue to inspire younger ones to succeed at what they do and commit to greater ideals in the service of humanity.”

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