Alex entered inside Kiki’s flat and sat down on the chair she offered. “What do I offer you?” She asked. His expression made her a little tense, the chill in his eyes caused her skin to break out into a sweat. Fidgeting, she sat down too, not wanting to be the receiver of his present emotions.

Leaving the house this morning, Alex was filled with different emotions, fear, excitement, feigned anger and nervousness. He knew Zoey was trying to make things work between them, what she didn’t know was that he was purposely accusing her of cheating. He just wanted to rile her up. Call him whatever but she was in for a big surprise.

Suddenly bursting out laughing, Alex took his first gulp of water, “she bought it, Kiki, she bought it”. “Na wa o, why didn’t you just say so since? You have succeeded in increasing my blood pressure”. Standing up and heading straight to the TV, she turned it on, she continued, “Are you sure she wouldn’t follow you here?” “Nah! I don’t think so, I left her sleeping or at least pretending to”, Alex replied. “Okay then, maybe I should go back to sleep, make yourself comfortable”, Kiki said before leaving the sitting room.

Zoey, getting up from her side of the bed three hours later and walking straight into the batbroom, took longer than usual in washing up. She just stood in the shower wondering what exactly was happening to her love life. A part of her felt he had met someone else but she couldn’t bear to even think about it nor ponder on it. At this point she just wanted to live and let leave.

Stepping out of the shower, her cell phone chimed, “meet me at our spot”, it was from Kiki. Hissing, she flinged the phone on the bed and was grateful it didn’t crash on the floor. “This one isn’t even helping matters sef”, she muttered. Sighing, she sat down on the room chair in front of the mirror unable to even tie her towel properly. Looking around at the empty and quiet room, her eyes settled on Alex’s dishevelled side of the bed. The tears formed even before she could stop it.

After what seemed like ages, she slowly dragged herself up, threw some clothes on, applied a little makeup and proceeded to leave the house. Realizing she didn’t come down with her phone, she went back upstairs to get it. She wanted to start the car and saw that she forgot the key inside the room and went back again to get it. Unable to even get angry at herself, she started her car, left the house and went to meet Kiki.

Zoey and Kiki had been talking for about 30 minutes when they started hearing some trumpet guy blowing away in the distance. “What’s the problem Kiki, you have been acting distracted since, you’re not even paying attention to what I have been saying to you since I got here”. “Me? I have now, you said Alex suddenly left this morning and you haven’t seen him since then, right?, I’m listening”. “What do you want to do now? Have you tried calling him or has he called you?” “No”, Zoey replied.

By this time, the noisy trumpet guy had gotten closer and was making so much noise Zoey seriously contemplated stoning him. “Shey you didn’t want to.. ” “Awwwnn!!!” followed by several shouts erupted from Zoey’s back and she turned to see who the lucky girl was.

The last chapter comes out next week. Don’t forget to not miss it!


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