Lo and behold, Alex was right there, one knee on the floor with an opened ring case in his hand and a bright nervous smile on his face. “Will you marry me?”, he asked. His voice shook. With Zoey’s mouth wide open, she slowly took in what he was wearing and realised it wasn’t what he left the house in. He had gotten this particular outfit on his last trip months back and had never worn it.

Thinking back, she began to recollect different scenarios that had happened in the recent past but none of them made any sense to her. “Say yes na”, voices were egging her on, she smiled and stretched forth her hand. It seemed like she had been mesmerised for hours whereas it was only few seconds.

“Yes, I will marry you”, I said whilst beaming for joy. I couldn’t exactly place how I was feeling at that moment. Yes, I was happy but somehow with all the events that followed up to this moment it gave me room for concern. He put the ring into my finger and looking at it closely, I realised it was the same one I had screenshot on my phone and sent to Kiki as ‘ring goals’. I gasped and looked up at her and there she was blushing like a new born baby.

I didn’t know when I mouthed the words “I love you” to her. By this time, Alex had stood up, pulled me into a big hug and was whispering sweet nothings to my ear and also apologising for his recent behaviour. Our new found fans kept cheering us and congratulating us whilst taking pictures. The annoying guitar man no longer seemed annoying and I actually started to enjoy what he was playing.

“Kiss kiss kiss” erupted from nowhere and next thing the whole crowd joined in the frenzy of the moment. Satisfying their evil desire, we kissed to the cheers and hoots of the crowd and while they all turned back to their businesses, Kiki led us to our new table. Apparently, the table we were seated at initially was a decoy.

I could never in a million years have imagined that today was going to turn out this way. I couldn’t stop staring at Kiki and smiling at Alex. Apparently, they had been planning this ever since and used the whole cheating saga to throw me off their trail. What better friends to wish for than these two?

The end.

Thank you for following my short series to this point, if you missed any, not to worry, click https://2709updates.com.ng/a-short-story-3/. You are truly my biggest fan. If I get enough reviews and ratings, I may tell you Kiki’s story.

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