Are We Really Independent?

In Nigeria, when something good happens, we have that feeling that something is wrong, right? We get scared when we have light for a whole day, and we feel there is something wrong.

Can I share this with you, When I was younger, I loved singing the National Anthem and I recited my pledge with so much seriousness, but now I still sing my National Anthem and recite my pledge when needed. Wait, What were you expecting

Nigeria is being celebrated today, It’s being 60 years since we gained our Independence, but the real question is ” Are we independent though?”

We say we are Independent, but yet we pay for everything we have, We say we are Independent, but yet our men can’t go out without fear of harassment from the police. We say we are Independent, but we don’t experience what real independence looks like.

It’s a good thing to celebrate Independence, but then ” Are we really Independent?

Let me end with this, being a Nigerian is not easy, with so many things happening, but yet we still come out and bring the fun, despite the situation. We are Super Heroes and we should be celebrated as one, so just have this at the back of your mind “It’s not easy being a Nigerian, you deserve to be celebrated”
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