Housemates of the BBNaija All Stars show are faced with a challenge as Biggie introduces a new rule involving an individual wager.

Unlike in the previous editions of the show where wagers are staked as a group, the organizers of the shows changed it into an individual task.

#BBNaija All Stars: Biggie introduces new wager rule (Vidoe)

According to a statement read to the housemates by Venita, the wager is said to be staked individually in the diary room on the call of Biggie.

Winning the week’s wager is said to be converted into an allowance for the weekend while losing it means the total loss of the stake.


The BBNaija All Stars wager rule reads in part;

“Similar to the previous season, you will be expected to stake on the wager challenge. However, this season, you will be placing your stake in your individual capacity rather than a single stake as a whole house.

This means, one after another, Big Brother will invite each of you into the diary room to stake an amount from your weekly allowance on the wager. If the house wins the wager, the total amount staked will be provided for shopping on the weekend; if the house loses the wager, the money is gone.”

Watch the video below …

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