Football star, Neymar and two other Paris Germain Stars, Leandro Paredes and Angel Di Maria have all tested positive for the deadly coronavirus on Wednesday, September 2, 2020.

The three football stars, were on holiday in Ibiza, after PSG’s Champion’s League final loss to Bayern Munich last month.

Hence, due to their positive tests for coronavirus, Neymar, Paredes and Maria will be absent in the PSG’s 2020/21 Ligue first game opener in Lens.

The news of their infection has thrown the club into great confusion, as they have their first Ligue 1 match coming up in only 8 days time, which falls on, Friday September 10th.

Although, Ligue 1 season started August 21, but PSG is not due to play until their first game in Lens on September 10th. But the fixture is now threatened as all club staffs and players will be tested regularly for coronavirus in the coming days.

The emergence of Corona- Virus has affected Premier league’s games badly this year, as there has been a surge in cases of covid19 relating to most players.

Recently, 8 Chelsea club players were isolated, after either having tested positive for coronavirus or had close contact with an infected person.

Reports gathered from outer source say that the pandemic has hit 12 clubs, and Clubs are disturbed that there might be an increase in cases as players continue their habbit of partying together and jetting-off on holidays to various cities in the short breaks between game seasons.

Neymar’s absence in PSG’s first Ligue 1 game on September 10th, has definitely put the club in distraught. What are your thoughts on the PSG’s performance on the pitch without Neymar?. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving your comments in the comment section below.



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