DJ Cuppy Shares Screenshot of Marriage Proposal from Secret Admirer Using Bible Verse

DJ Cuppy, a well-known socialite and DJ from Nigeria, recently shared a remarkable marriage proposal she received from an undisclosed admirer on social media.

Following her separation from her former fiancé Ryan Taylor, the wealthy heiress has been transparent about her search for love, garring significant attention from admirers.

DJ Cuppy took to her Instagram story to reveal the attention-grabbing proposal, which arrived as an email.

The email, allegedly sent by an anonymous admirer, included a Bible verse, specifically Psalms 85:10-11, highlighting the importance of faithfulness and unwavering love.

Accompanying the verse was a heading that read, “Marriage proposal from God’s grace and son,” followed by a straightforward question: “Will you marry me DJ Cuppy?”

In response to the intriguing proposition, DJ Cuppy shared the screenshot of the email and expressed her thoughts, questioning whether this mysterious suitor could be “the one.”

“Lord. Could HE be the one? ????”DJ Cuppy wrote.

Notably, this proposal arrives merely two weeks after DJ Cuppy’s mother prayed for her to find a partner who is deeply committed to their faith, following DJ Cuppy’s baptism.

Reacting to the post;

jennit19 wrote: “I like as cuppy dey carry us along, hope she invites us all to her wedding”

choplifekitchenlagos said: “Person Dey catch cruise una wan turn am to serious matter for comment section. Mtshew”

brbsextoys said: “Cuppy is such a sweet girl. I hope she finds love soon”

natasha_blessing noted: “I like how she’s unapologetically about what she wants, and may God grant her heart desires”

heythisisyourstar advised: “She’s feeling pressured I understand her shaa but once you’re too desperate to get married you fit make wrong choice ????”

See below;

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