Furious Fans Express Their Displeasure to Itele via Voice Messages Regarding the Latest Hit Film, Kesari

Fans of actor and producer Itele have expressed displeasure with his dramatic movie “Kesari, The King,” which recently debuted on Netflix.

The film, which debuted on May 31, 2024, has been getting bad reviews from viewers and is still trending on social media. Nonetheless, the epic film is presently one of the most streamed movies on Netflix.

An angry fan bravely sent a message to the actor on Instagram, criticizing how terrible and disgusting the entire film production is.

Speaking in Yoruba, the fan said that the film should be played on a tape player because of its unsatisfactory plot and does not deserve to be available on Netflix.

Angry fans send voice notes to Itele over recent blockbuster movie, Kesari
A scene in movie Kesari the King

The voice note has gone viral, prompting other viewers to express their dissatisfaction with the recently released movie, alleging they wasted money watching it in theaters and on Netflix afterward.

See reactions below,

@fineboytunde_ Not gonna lie yeah, I’d exact reaction when I watched it at cinema last year, I just dey hissed say waste of money. The movie tooo gbaaaaa

@KingSuleiman7_ Anytime I remember that I watched this movie, vex dey catch me… I can’t believe they went ahead to produce this movie with clear head. What were they thinking?

@ree_rehanat These people are not nice but then maybe he should have left the kesari the way it ended previously.

@Isossy When I watched 1&2 I just hissed, I was surprised when they did another one and still uploaded it on Netflix, they’d have just shown it on AMC Yoruba one DStv let everybody rest

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