As the “lockdown” progresses, and the hope of returning to school this year fades, students have generally begun to find ways of making money. Nowadays, it’s either you are earning something or you are learning something. Students everywhere are doing what has kept humans on the face of this earth for so long—adapting.

Consequently, we all need an audience if we are to be successful in whatever we do—and the larger the audience, the better. The truth is, we need people—to patronise you, comment and share your posts, or help you win a contest. The sooner you realise that, the better.

Whatsapp and the contact list in general have proved as a base for which any content creator can advertise and market his/her goods. However, it is what it is—a foundation. You’ll need more than that if you’re to be successful in developing a larger audience, and customers.

Produce Great Content.

Being Thoughtful Helps A Lot!

The very first step in making sure that your viewers “click your link” is creating content and marketing goods that are original and creative. Because I’m a writer, here I’ll be focusing more on “writing” content. The trick to producing great content is simple: Know What Others Need to Know. Apart from that—don’t write what you know; use what you know.

The difference between writing what you know and using what you know is thinking. When you meditate and ponder on what you know, the human brain has the ability to see different perspectives on the same subject, ensuring both originality and creativity. Try it and give your testimony.

Apart from these obvious facts of producing great content, your title needs to be catchy and captivating. Put yourself in the shoes of your reader, “If I was scrolling through people’s status and I see this, would I click on it?” If your answer is no, then you need to change it, until your answer becomes “Definitely!” (I know what you’re thinking, so—No! a mere “Yes” wouldn’t do!)

In addition, visual content really really appeals to the brain, so don’t forget to research great pictures that will enthral your audience.

Be Consistent.

In the words of my boss, and the Founder of 2709 Updates, Mr Ogunnote Femi, think of it like this:

Before a successful musician, or artiste, becomes popular, he releases a nice single, and no one notices. He releases another, just a few people. Then another, and another. Until, at last, someone takes notice of a good song he/she puts out, and goes back to check his previous songs. Then finds out that every one of them is equally as good, if not better than the supposedly “good” song. From there, the limit is beyond the sky.

This is the summary of the whole matter: first produce great content, and then continue to produce great content until you become successful. Periodt.

Optimise Social Media.

Use Social Media As What It Is: A Leverage

The reality of social media is that it has developed a consumer mentality for most of us. Before now, only the entrepreneur gurus use social media for business and the likes. The rest of us prefer to download status, like posts and chat. Social media is so much more than that, though. You can literally take your business to the next level with Twitter alone.

Apart from Twitter, we also have Facebook, Instagram Ads, Email, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, to mention few. All of these have the capacity to grow your audience to heights you wouldn’t even imagine possible—if only you can put in the work.

It’s Not All about You.

Repetition is for emphasis, so I say again—we all need people. You needed someone to bring you into the world, and you will need someone to take you back to the grave. Besides, this world would be so very dull without the various personalities and uniqueness we all possess.

The point is—it is not only about you. Be generous to people. Patronise other’s goods too. Read posts of and encourage writers like yourself. Build meaningful relationships. Most of all, don’t give up on persuading and convincing people to patronise you, or share your posts. Remember that it’s a journey, and it wouldn’t do to give up now, of all times.

If not to give you a chance to read this, I would have probably titled it “A Letter to Myself” or something. We all need encouragement at one point or another—that’s the truth. Be part of my success story and encourage me by commenting, rating, and sharing this post to as many that may need encouragement out there. It’s not all about you!



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