Friends of a music producer, who died in Oyo state after two hospitals refused to treat him have taken to social media to explain the incident.

Ebenezer Ayeni died four hours after he was reportedly shot by armed robbers and two hospitals refused to treat his wounds without a police report.

The music producer was shot by armed robbers in his Ibadan residence, Oyo state early on Friday, June 11 2021.
Immediately after the incident, he was rushed first to the University College Hospital (UCH) where the management demanded for a police report before treatment could commence.

Ayeni was rushed again to a private hospital named J-rapha Hospital, but again he was rejected on account of no police report and his case was not treated as an emergency.

A friend to the deceased, Mc Shayor confirmed that ayenj died four hours after he was shot while they pleaded with medical centres to attend to him. According to him, Ayeni’s wedding was just a week away.


“We were planning your wedding next week and not your burial” Mc Shayor wrote on Facebook.

Mc Shayor emotional post on facebook

These kind of scenarios have become one of the most alarming public health issues in Nigeria. In 2017, President Muhammadu Buhari outlawed this kind of act when he signed the Gunshot Victims Act into law.

Despite this, many medical centres still demand a Police report before attending to gunshot victims.

A candle Night session will be held on Friday evening to honour the deceased. R. I. P Ebenezer Ayeni.

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