Popular comedian and actor, Seyi Law has informed Nigerians that his support for President Bola Tinubu is for them rather than for personal gains.

The comedian, who is a firm supporter of the Tinubu administration, has received heavy backlash repeatedly for his stance with the President.

On the X platform, Seyi Law stated that he is not laughing at the pains of Nigerians, as he is aware of the hardships in the country.

He asserted that he supported the current government in hopes to achieve a better Nigeria. Seyi Law disclosed that he is now in Abuja conversing with various government representatives as he cannot leave the government he voted for.

He asserted that he backed President Tinubu on behalf of Nigerians, even though he is not pleading with anyone to end the abuse.

He assured Nigerians that cost of governance will reduce, minimum wage will increase and food affordability will improve.



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