I was stopped from performing because of my outfit – Tiwa Savage relives journey to stardom

The singer recalls some of the discrimination she faced in the early days of her music career.

Nigerian music sensation, Tiwa Savage has shared her experience while she was still an upcoming artist sorting for fame in the music industry.

During an interview with BET Talks, Tiwa said that she faced some discrimination during the early days of her career due to her sensual dress and style.

Speaking with the host Unique Chapman, she stated that she used to be heavily criticized, had her songs banned, and was stopped from performing in shows due to her sensual dress and music style.

She said that she heard similar stories from multiple female artists who passed through the same ordeal too during their early career days.

“They get overlooked and they can’t do soundchecks,” Tiwa said. “Initially when I first moved back, I would turn up for a show and they would say I couldn’t perform because of my outfit,” she added.

Asked how she was able to navigate this situation into becoming a global music star, she pointed out that she stuck to her style and profile.

“I am very stubborn. So I was like my dress is just going to get shorter and my shirt is going to get more revealing,” she told BET Talks.

While this was going on, Tiwa Savage highlighted that she was gaining the support of female fans who helped grow her supporter base to the point that she couldn’t be ignored by show promoters and the media.

Tiwa Savage recently released her debut movie “Water and Garri”, a movie in which she played the lead role and produced.

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