I Won’t Give Up On Arsenal’s Top 4 Hopes This Season – David Luiz

Arsenal defender, David Luiz has come out to say that he’ll not give up on the club’s top-four hopes this season. He recently revealed that the recent victory against Tottenham can be the motivation Arsenal needs to shock everyone.

According to him, Arsenal just need to improve from now till the end of the season, because the London club is a great team that is capable of going on a run.

He added that the Gunners played with a lot of emotions against Spurs, and more of that energy is needed henceforth

His words, “We have to try and continue in this way, try to improve.”

“We are far (off), but we have a great team and we can continue in this way and try to win points every week.”

On the derby, “It is always a big game, a big derby with big history and everybody knows about this game.

“I think we did so, so well in the game – apart from the last 10 minutes where our team played with a lot of emotion and didn’t use our brains to control the game and use one more player on the pitch.”

“It is never easy to play against them but I am so happy with the performance of the team, because we really understood the game before it started, how we had to beat them and I think we did that on the pitch.”

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