Adewale Alebiosu, a well-known Nollywood actor best known for his roles as an Ifa priest or Babalawo, discusses the reality of incantations.

In a recent interview with BBC Yoruba, the renowned thespian emphasized how he once believed that acting roles as an Ifa Priest and chanting incantations ends at movie locations.

While admitting the consequences that trailed him in reality, Adewale Alebiosu alleged having strange dreams; many of which he claimed were unnatural.

Alebiosu said, “I never knew there was so much more to the incantations I was delivering. I thought I was just delivering my lines, not knowing there are repercussions to follow. Whenever I get home after the act, while I sleep I would see some strange beings and some would turn to goats and start biting me.”


Advising up-and-coming actors in the movie industry, he cautioned the to stay away from incantations to avoid regrets.

“I’m saying this to warn them so that they don’t end up regretting their lives or ending up miserably,” he added.

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