A woman has taken to social media to list all she does for her husband to make their marriage work.

Her disclosure has sparked mixed reactions, as some women do not agree with her theory.

The lady said she is submissive to her husband and that she doesn’t look at him as though they are equals.

‘’He is my head, my leader and I respect and treats him as such, This man treats me like a Princess.
” she said

 She also mentioned that she asks him for permission before doing anything.

‘’Lets say a group of my girls want to go out to a place we have never been before, how can I just go? I have to ask my husband if he is okay with me going before I make any types of plans and that is out of respect because if he is not okay with me going or not sure about the location, then I am not going to go.

I also watch his clothes, clean up after him, cook for him, serve him his place and take it back when he is done.

He is the king and should be treated as such”

Watch the video below;

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