Chisom Flower, the young lady who accused Afrobeat singer Davido Adeleke of impregnating her, faces severe backlash from the singer’s fans.

This comes after Chisom joined the already existing prospective two baby mamas who called out the singer for impregnating them.

chisom flower lady davido pregnant
Chisom Flower, Davido’s accuser. Credit: tokyoi_rivers / Instagram.

She had shared a video of the singer in her bed alongside other proofs of their romantic relationship after Davido failed to pay for aborting her pregnancy.

Fans of the singer, however, will not let her rest following claims of being a clout chaser.


In reaction, Chisom took to her Instagram story page to urge the singer’s followers to let her be and quiting tagging a clout chaser.

“Y’all should leave me de f%ck alone. next!” she wrote while sharing sultry video of herself.

Lady who accused Davido of impregnating her fumes amidst backlash

Reactions trailing Chisom for calling out Davido for impregnating her

oraspecial wrote: “It’s obvious you want to use davido for your prostitution business, he patronized you business and paid you. Taking his picture while he was sleeping without consent and posting it on social media is an offense. It is very obvious she is doing all this to gain followers like Anita. Generation of shameless fellows.”

og_subject_00 noted: “This gal is a big fool see as you de so Davido go leave all this find gals way de US come de put dick for this nirty pussy you are very mad you think Davido na yahoo boys god punish you bastard.. you know go die well”

gylliananthonette said: “Coming out to let everyone know you were a one night stand and remove belle isn’t a flex …you guys will get the clout and followers you so desire but it still isn’t a flex …na the man we blame dha cos na him name ina day chase clout on”

__.koran stated: “So now una Dey use David gain followers Abi , okayyy me too Tiwa Savage don impregnate me , she say she go give me 20 million Naira make I abort the baby ????”

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