Man City Faces £350m Compensation Bill After Guilty Verdict on 115 Charges, Man United Stands to Benefit

Manchester City are just one step away from a fourth Premier League title in a row – a feat achieved by no other club.

There will be celebrations if they reach their goal, but the club still has the 115 Premier League charges hanging over them.

In February 2023 in was revealed that City had been charged with allegedly being in breach of 115 of the league’s financial rules for the period between 2009 and 2018.

Since then both Everton and Nottingham Forest have been hit with points deductions after being found guilty of being in breach of the rules. Newly promoted Leicester City also face a hearing after being charged in the last few months.

The complex nature of the case surrounding City means that it is taking longer to resolve than other cases. MEN Sport understands that we could know the outcome of the charges by the summer of 2025, it has been reported that a hearing is due to take place in October this year.

The unprecedented nature of the case means that any punishment that City could receive if found guilty is unclear. It could range from a hefty points deduction to being expelled from the league.

Another possible consequence of being found guilty could be that City owe their Premier League rivals prize money they may have missed out on. According to analysis from Best Payout Online Slots, the total spanning from the 2011/12 season to the 2022/23 campaign would total over £350 million with the total coming to £355,981,171.

The research shows that Everton are the team who would be owed the most with a total difference of £19,332,757. Manchester United were second with a total of £18,606,876.

West Ham are third with Southampton fourth. Arsenal, Crystal Palace, Liverpool, Newcastle, Chelsea, Tottenham, and Leicester make up the top 10 with all being owed between £18 million and £15 million.

It seems that the charges against Man City will continue to be a long, drawn-out process. If the club are found guilty, there could potentially be a lot more implications that will see it dragged out even further.

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