Man Confronts Comedian Shank in UK, Saying ‘Don’t Film Me’

Adesokan Emmanuel, the Nigerian skit maker fondly called Shank, has been confronted by a UK-based man in London for filming him.

The comedian shared a 40-minute video highlighting how an average immigrant survives in London.

“A lot of immigrants relocate to the United Kingdom year after year for a better life. Look around, there are beautiful places. But I am curious is it worth it?” Shank asked in the footage.

“An average person in London makes about £11 per hour. I will be living on £375 for three days — accommodation, feeding, transportation, and everything. If I cannot live on this for three days. How do you live on it for a week?”

During the tour, Shanks visited a Portobello market in London where some South Americans sell their goods.

However, one of the vendors accosted the Nigerian and asked why he was capturing them.

The apparently peeved vendor yelled at the skit maker while cautioning him to behave himself.

“You think it is funny. You are filming and you are walking up and walking. Do you know where you are? Behave yourself,” the angry man warned.

“Do you know where you are? Behave yourself.”

Shank, who seemed petrified, replied: “I do not know. I was not filming you, Bro”.

The video has also attracted varying reactions on social media.

Shank, a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), started his career as a stand-up comedian during his undergraduate days before making his foray into skit-making.

He has millions of followers on the major social media platforms.

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