Man narrates the ordeal of a family of five who was doing well in Nigeria relocated to Canada and faced a different life.

A Twitter user identified as Gbenga Samuel-Wemimo narrated the ordeal of a man who had two houses in Nigeria at the age of 37.

The plan for relocation to Canada came from his wife who hoped for a better life abroad than in Nigeria.

Unfortunately, their life turned out for the worse when he relocated to Canada with his family.


Read the full narration below …

“I’d share the story of someone I know and how the japa mindset ruined her life.

She and her family settled in Jos, Her husband was a civil engineer; She was a teacher. They prospered quite early in life; God blessed them with three children.

Her husband worked for a while with a construction company before starting his own and winning contracts to build roads and buildings for the government.

By the age of 37 he had two houses, a huge supermarket and some money in the bank. Then the wife got bitten by the Japa bug; She had conquered Nigeria and felt the same momentum would follow them all over the world.

She kept singing “I want to live in Canada, let us move to Canada, the children have better prospects in Canada, there is nothing for us here.

As a rule, once you begin to train your eyes not to see the good in something, you will stop seeing the good in that thing. Your sense of judgement becomes skewed and you will emphasise the negatives in that thing while you play down the good.

In order to calm her down, her husband took her and the children abroad in the summer of 2018. Her husband was against the relocation but she would not let it go.

She cried day and night like Delilah, knowing that her husband would eventually cave in- and he did. They left Nigeria just before the covid epidemic.

They sold everything they had here and travelled with 100,000 dollars
When they landed in Canada, they stayed for a while in her sister’s house.

Eventually they found an apartment, settled the first child in school and began to look for employment. She got a job at a local supermarket after 4 months.

The husband was an engineer but he was not certified for ownership of
a business in Canada. He had to do some fresh training before he registered to join the skilled labourers on construction sites.

Work was not so constant, the weather was not so friendly. Their younger children ages 3 ans 1 suddenly started displaying autism symptoms.

(Nobody should claim this is some supernatural affliction pls) it wasn’t.
The change of environment simply didn’t agree with the children.

By early 2022, this family had seen more crisis in life than they ever saw in their two lives combined in Nigeria. Shame wouldn’t let them return to Nigeria.

Aunty didn’t want to come back because they had nothing to come back to
Her husband had slipped into depression. He didn’t thrive financially as easily as he did in Nigeria.

There was no joy at home especially because of the condition of the children. Relocation was his one regret; I remember the first time we had a chat.

He was seriously contemplating suicide; He said he would have done it but for the thought of what happens to their first child who he believed would not survive his death.

I told him to come back home and start afresh; I am a young man but I
have learnt that it is only pride that keeps you in affliction for longer than necessary.

Whenever I meet a roadblock in anything I lay my hands on, I retrace my steps; I was born to thrive!

He told his wife of his decision to return to Nigeria. She asked him to please return home with the two afflicted children while she stays in Canada to nurture the child that has already settled into school in Canada.

I met them at the airport the day they returned home. I prayed with the children and hugged my brother.

With tears in my eyes I prophesied over his life. It is never too late to start all over. He returned to Abuja to start all over in April 2020.

The Lord was with him and he began to thrive once again. The children, now 4 and 2 were completely restored to their normal selves in Nigeria.

Their daddy claimed it was a miracle; I agree, I am also convinced that miracle had a lot to do with the return of the children to these climes
Not everyone can thrive anywhere.

There is a place God desires some of us to be and leaving such places would be tantamount to leaving our estates like the angels of old written about In the book of Titus.

May we not learn through suffering and affliction. This man has settled back home and lives in a rented apartment with the two children.

Her younger sister lives with him in Abuja; His wife insists on staying in Canada even though she couldn’t sustain herself over there and would often call him to send her money.

She was determined not to return to Nigeria and he couldn’t afford to pay her bills from Nigeria as he was also putting the pieces of his life back together.

I spoke with madam to return home to her husband; She said no.

Today their first child arrived Nigeria; She had been falling ill since her siblings and her father returned and the mother just had to conclude that she was better off in Nigeria.

Why is this aunty still in Canada? Well…
She had been meeting with the doctor treating the children when
they were in Canada and it seems the two of them had hit it off.

She was staying for love (That was how she explained it to me while asking me to talk to her husband about giving her a divorce because there was nothing for her here and she had fallen out of love with him).

Her husband said “We were happy here until she scattered everything and now she has walked away”

I begged him not to see it that way
I had learnt to count my blessings and to walk away from those who are not meant to be in my life without a struggle.

When the Lord shall turn again the captivity of Zion, we are like they that dream.

This was the scripture that came to mind as I encouraged my brother
It is true that some thrive abroad. It is also true that many wilt abroad
Please be led by the Spirit as you dream of relocating.”

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