Nigerian Woman Criticises TikTok Star for Splurging Millions on Car Instead of Necessary Head Surgery

A Nigerian lady criticised a TikToker for spending millions of naira on a car instead of opting for surgery for his head size.

The incident surfaced on a popular social platform.

The comedian had shared news of his car purchase with thousands of fans on social media. In response, a woman named Precious took to the comments section to criticize him.

She questioned why the TikToker would spend millions on a car when he could use the money for surgery to address the size of his head.

The car purchase drew attention on social media, prompting many people to comment on the post.

This version adjusts some sentences for clarity and ensures the information flows smoothly from one point to the next.

See some reactions below:

Precious: “Instead of u to go do surgery for ur head, you Dey buy car ????????????.”

frankscott: “You just mk a big financial mistake ????????????????????.”

LONER????????: “Na to go rent house near mechanic o.”

Excellent Ajeh: “Don’t let their bad comments get into your head…congratulations.”

Roney ????????: “Don’t listen to this haters guy, just keep your head high and nod off negative thoughts.”

perfectmoney54: “Congratulations ???????????? but this car reach 250k?”

Wealth350????????????????????????: “Congratulations but this is motor not car????????????.”

Amazing Daniel: “Congratulations brother, keep heading to your peak ????.”

Obitee: “I once had an Infiniti G35x..It rides like a Ferrari but it almost sent me to my village.wen I finally sold it for 500k.I shed tears when handing over the documents to the new owner..I felt peace????????.”

kescode93: “After congratulations na u and ur mechanic go remain.”

Charlotte Hennessy: “I read the headline before I head to the comment section…bro you are heading to the top….just keep your head up ????❤.”


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