In an exclusive interview with, a Nigerian woman named Anuoluwapo Waziri, the wife of Tomi Waziri, shared her experience of love, resilience, and family life, three years after tying the knot with her blind husband.

Tomi Waziri lost his sight several years ago in a tragic incident involving armed robbers. Undeterred by the challenges that lay ahead, Anuoluwapo chose to marry Tomi out of love and embarked on a journey filled with unwavering support and companionship.

“I don’t cope with him; I love him and support him. We go everywhere together. When we are walking, he places his left hand on my right shoulder. The only thing I ‘cope’ with is when a sidewalk or aisle gets narrow,” Anuoluwapo Waziri said.

Despite the obstacles posed by Tomi’s blindness, Anuoluwapo expressed that being married to him has been nothing short of amazing.


The couple, now parents to two beautiful children, has faced the challenges of parenthood with grace and gratitude.

When asked about the challenges of balancing motherhood and supporting her blind husband.

It’s been wonderful; I mean, God blessed me with beautiful kids. Even though it can be stressful taking care of children, I am grateful for the stress,” Mrs. Waziri said.

Anuoluwapo expressed joy in the fact that their story has inspired numerous people on social media.

“It has been a wonderful experience. I am so happy we have inspired a lot of people with our story,” she added.

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