Controversial blogger, Tosin Silverdam mocks the prison release of the embattled critic, Verydarkman while praying for his cho-cho-cho to end.

The critic was released after a week in prison following his arrest on allegations of cyberbullying and other charges.

Following his release, photos and videos of him circulated the internet space, sparking mixed reactions about the change in his look during the said short period.

While mocking Verydarkman, Tosin Silverdam wishes him well on his return while urging him to do better and avoid doing the things that sent him to prison in the first place.

He also described his as VeryMadMan due to his tattered appearance in his prison release photos and videos.

“I’m the happiest man, they’ve released the Fella of our time. They should have released him after Easter. Finally he’s out, we no go hear word. Why does he look like a mad man? He spent only one week. Let’s hope he won’t continue with his madness,” he said in part.

Watch the video below …


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