Reports coming in say that renowned musician Orezi‘s house, worth N300 million, burned down into ashes.

A video of the burned house has been shared by Instagram blogger Tunde Ednut, where it can be seen that all the contents of the mansion, including appliances, were burned down.

The cause of the fire has not yet been communicated publicly; however,  no life was lost, but his properties are all gone. Some social media users have reacted differently to the videos shared online.

Watch the video below.

Read some comments from social media users below.


@Kyy_sharr: Why are celebrities house burning omg ???? first lil kesh”.

@Gabrielpauline: Thank God for lives saved. But Pls what’s is actually going on with this fire thing?
This is becoming scary ooo. It’s not the best period to loose Properties????. I pray God help them out of this mess. And revive them too. And May He continue to protect every one of us. Affliction won’t come again. Amen ❤️❤️”.

@Kessimegg: What took time ⏲️ and wealth upon wealth to build……fire will just destroyy God abeg ooooo….. ???? ???? I feel for him….but he will rise again”.

@Genuisdr: Fire safety is very important but we don’t take it serious in this country. In fact, it should be part of our secondary school curriculum. It’s better than many of the useless subjects been taught in secondary school. Many of these things are avoidable if only we take fire safety serious and we know exactly how to go about it????”.

@Abuthetallguy: “This is really heartbreaking, after working hard to erect a mansion and everything goes down in a twinkle of an eye, may God console him.”

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