Seun Kuti Criticizes Individuals Criticizing Saida Boj

Popular entertainer, Seun Kuti, who drums support for Saida Boj, claims male artists encourage her statement in their music lyrics.

Saida Boj went viral recently over her controversial statement about only opening her legs for a man who can give her N20 million.

Since then, she has received a lot of backlash from netizens which led to all of her social media accounts getting banned.

Seun Kuti expressed his displeasure for the unnecessary manhunt against her, stating that it is her choice if she wants to be with a man who is financially well off.

He claims that it is hypocritical to call her out for her choice but still sing the lyrics of songs that men state the same thing.

According to him, most men are capitalists and as they believe that women are gotten with money.

However, since they have not been able to make much money like they desire, they are jealous of a woman who explains her desires very clearly.

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