Stop speaking bad about Cubana Chief Priest – Boy snubbed by socialite speaks (Video)

A young man in a viral video with Cubana Chief Priest opens up about the encounter with the celebrity barman following a series of backlash.

It would be recalled that a video that made the rounds on social media some weeks ago showed the socialite snubbing the young man who attempted to take a photo with him.

cubana chief priest

Many condemned Cubana Chief Priest for being unaccommodating and intentionally damaging the man’s ego.

In a new video, the man in question clears the socialite’s name by confirming that truly he was out of line by not completing his task before trying to take a photo.

“Cubana Chiefpriest is not a Bad person, he was only angry in The video because we had not finished arranging Chairs for his show that day, Please Nigerians you people should stop saying Bad About him, and help My Musical career,” he said.

Watch the video below …

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