I’ve been to quite a large number of parties, but none, and again I say none have left a remarkable experience for me to fall back on. This got me asking, what makes a party superb and unforgettable.

I was able to discover that there are some specific things people leave out when planning a party, that at the end of the day, people don’t even remember a party was held.

If you want your upcoming or next party to be the talk of the town, of how amazing and unforgettable It was, then you might want to pay attention to these tips I’ve added together for you.

Invitation Card: Who still uses IV Cards to invite people to a party? you might think it’s old school, but then, I think it’s a beautiful way to entice people to come to your party. Let your IV Cards be beautiful, written in calligraphy, and be filled with a lot of important content, such as; Date, Venue, Time, Dress Code, and some other things, that might excite the person to come.


Picking A Venue: Either a house or an event center, your choice of place doesn’t matter, all that matters is how you turn that space, into a beautiful and welcoming place for your guests to be comfortable.

Food and Drinks: What’s a party without food, I don’t even want to imagine it, let this be the top of your priority, you don’t want your guests going about saying they weren’t offered food at your party, I mean who does that, if I’m the one, I won’t come back, so come up with a lot of varieties, depending on what kind of party it is.*when I mean food, I mean good food, not the type that will keep people rushing in and out of the toilet.

Use The Right Playlist: What better way to have fun at a party, than a good playlist. Your choice of music and when to play it matters a lot, You don’t want to be playing Naira Marley type of songs when people are eating, and you don’t want to be playing Celine Dion when people are on the dance floor. AhnAhn, Kolewek. If you can’t do the magic, then hire a professional DJ to do it.

Engage Your Guests: Asides from dancing eating, and taking a photograph with the celebrant, what more? what do you have to offer? Is that all it is to your party? Oh No. Never throw a party without carrying your guests along, play games, do fun activities together( eating competition, rap battles) you name it. Let every person who came to your party participate, except they choose not to, and let it not end there, let them get gifts for winning something. Entertain them so much, that they won’t want to go back home.

Have A Surprise Package At The End: Now I don’t mean a birthday pack as they do for little kids, I’m talking grown-up stuff. When they think the show is over, let them know you are not done yet, and this whole other level you are bringing in is going to be the best part of the party. It could be a photo booth, it could be an artiste performance, or something pretty unique, your guests would never have seen coming.

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