People are always entitled to their opinions about you. In a situation where everyone likes you, then there is a problem, it just means you’ve made a lot of compromises in your life, which is very bad. Most times we try to please everyone just so they have good impressions about us, but we end up displeasing ourselves and getting to realize, that is not even still enough, cause they don’t still like us.

Let me ask you these questions. Have you ever done something and you got a bad remark about it?, or someone said something bad about you? Did you talk yourself out of it( you know like saying, I don’t care what this person is saying, I know I’m not that). Did you notice it didn’t work?, Did you keep pondering on it like why did the person say such and you felt the person didn’t know you well to say so?, Did your relationship with such person drop?

To the questions asked above,some might say “NO”, but I’m sure at one point, something like that must have happened, but if you said “YES”, trust me it’s not just you, It has happened to me also. I’ve had people say bad stuffs about me, make bad remarks, have bad opinions about me and at some point, most have gotten to me and I tried handling it by talking myself out of it, but all that didn’t work, cause that was a wrong way of handling such situation. Now the question is “WHAT ARE THE RIGHT WAYS?”. I will be breaking this down into 4 ways for you to understand fully.

  1. DO NOT RESPOND IMMEDIATELY: Whenever a person or people make negative remarks about you or what you’ve done, never make the mistake of clearing such person’s opinion immediately, because you are not going to be in the right state of mind, you are going to be responding based on your anger, and you might say things you originally didn’t want to say. Such person is actually waiting for you to respond so they will give you back with full force. Just walk away at that moment. Do not respond.
  2. DO NOT IGNORE THE COMMENTS: I know some people might be like, but you just said do not respond. I said don’t respond immediately, never ignore those negative comments, because people are going to take your silence for an answer. When clearing these people’s opinion, please never be rude or savage about it, cause these days most people think being savage is the new cool. Clear the negative remarks and comments about you in a very mature way and if after that, someone is still saying such, leave the person to their opinion.
  3. TAKE CORRECTIONS WHEN NEEDED: Most of these times, negative remarks might be true, but was just said in a very offensive manner, especially when a particular thing about you is still said, over and over again by different people, that means there is a problem ,you have a problem. Please take corrections, don’t find it too offensive and work more on clearing that remark than actually taking corrections. There is always “SENSE” in “NONSENSE”. and when you do that and people notice the changes, those comments are also going to have a change.
  4. HANDLE IT AS MATURE AS POSSIBLE: A large number of people have a problem of not handling bad remarks in a matured way. Which is very bad especially for Bloggers, You-tubers, Social-Media Influencers, because your viewers are the ones saying these things about you and if you can’t handle it in a mature way and a very polite way, you are going to lose views and you will create a bad image for yourself, and the same goes to everyone reading this.

I have listed out four ways you can handle bad remarks about you. Please never ever be like, It’s my life, It’s my style, that’s what I do. cause the way you will lose views, followers, relationships will be very sad. Always remember your manner of approach towards people or things matter a lot, and the way you can handle things like this, says a lot about you. One of the reasons why I decided to write on this was cause a lot of teenagers who are trying to be independent by doing their own thing, find it very hard to deal with this. Please take these information and try applying it and trust me you are going to see changes. Thank you.


  1. Nicely said when more than two people are saying same thing about your personality,you should check out yourself… More Ink to your pen Precious.

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