Life is all about choices, we should know that by now. We should have in mind that the choices we make will have consequences either good or bad.

Okay look at this, you are reading this by choice, you could have easily skipped, but you checked it out, so you chose to do so.

Now, most of the time we find ourselves making bad choices which lead to severe consequences, but at the moment it looks like that’s the best choice to make. Let me go further on the choices we make, and when I say “We” I mean “You and I”. Rules are always set for us to follow but then we can choose not to, and face the consequences.

Let’s go Biblical. Remember the story of the forbidden tree, God set rules for them, he said you can eat the fruit of any tree in the garden, but don’t eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, they had a choice to obey or disobey, and you know how the story went.


If we want to be real with each other, we are going to make some bad choices along the way, it is inevitable, but only the smart ones will learn from it and be better people.

You are not your choices, most of the time we make rash choices due to the heat of the moment, family/peer pressure, and many other factors. Always remember there are always choices, it’s up to you to decide which you’ll make

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