As at now, reviving the economy is the very last thing we all aspire.

Everybody wants to know when the economy will get started again (fully) because we all have been made to comprehend the dilemma that “the earlier we open the economy and get back to our everyday activities, the further we spread the virus (coronavirus or COVID-19) hitherto, the longer we delay, the more populate will suffer, grieve and die (either as a result of depression or hunger) in other ways.

But either of this accepted tight spot,

In reality, the earlier and faster we restore and recreate the economy, the closer we re-erect the state that left us vulnerable to mounting an effective response to this pandemic.

To every startup and business founders, if you could approach with this split second of pause warily, the post-COVID economy to be created possibly will turn out a whole more resilient for your establishment because this coronavirus catastrophe has likewise unleashed so you will rebuild your business from the base-up and reorganize where necessary. For instance, instead of figuring out how to root out money from your business which only upsurges its fragility, you could also survey business practices that have been used to circulate money through the system.

As a way to help, how about you consider remote teamwork if you haven’t?

In view of the fact that the technology required to assist remote team recuperates, and the opportune lifestyle it offers becomes increasingly wanted, more founders have started considering this route. And below are some explanations why these founders agreed on this route and as well why remote teamwork could be a great option for you and your business.

  • Access to a much bigger pool of talent

Debatably, one of the copious benefits agreed on by founders about a remote team is the vast pool of talent that becomes available. This comes owing to the verity that a remote team will allow them/you employ (those with outstanding experience and skills) from virtually across the globe thus, giving a more flexible employment decision.

  • Choice over working hours

All companies are conditioned with a fixed schedule; for instance, working from the hour 9 am to 5 pm. However, lots of founders have considered this over time as an inflexible way of making a living. After this path was considered by few, it provided much greater flexibility to their business. And some can now design their business, the market target, and employ to reimburse for their preferred working hours and lifestyle.

  • More income

Lots of businesses make money around the clock. But, what do you think happens if you have a team at all time working; because you have employed across the globe?  …….

…. You will now have your working hours/day goes from the 8 hours to 24 hours, and theoretically, you will triple your output, the speed of growth and additional cash flow.

  • Working from anywhere

Fine, if you have a well-structured time and get your business running, you can work from anywhere you want. Then again, as more businesses go remote, managing clients/requests in every time zone can begin to take a strain if you are in one place.

Starting up a remote team assist you to easily onboard clients anywhere you have a team member. You can also localize to multiple languages to expand your market as well dig up new, potentially bigger chances in markets you are new with. 


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