Tiwa Savage reveals shocking detail of where she lived before rising to stardom.

Popular Female Singer, Tiwa Savage, recently shared her ‘Grass to Grace’ story with her friends in a surprise party held to celebrate her latest album, called Celia.

As Tiwa Savage recalled her story, the singer made it known that she was once so poor, that she had to live in a shelter meant for poor people with drug addiction problems in New York.

The Dangerous Love Crooner narrated how life was very difficult for her in New York, as she could not work because she was only an International student, and she could only meet little of her needs with the small money sent to her from home. Tiwa explained that her financial situation back then, left her no choice but to resort to living at the shelter named Bed-Stuy, which was meant for poor people with drug addiction issues.

In her words,” I think I was 22 and we were in New York. I was living in Bed-Stuy, kind of like a shelter. A lot of people didn’t know this. I was in a shelter for women that had drug abuse problems. I just graduated from school. You know as an International student you can’t work. So, I couldn’t work. I was doing this side thing in Bed-Stuy which is like the hood in Brooklyn.

Tiwa Savage also took time to appreciate her friend, former beauty queen, who she claimed helped her during her struggling times in New York. She also recalled the day, Elohor bought her food when she was so hungry and didn’t have money to buy food.

Tiwa said: “I remember she was looking at me and asked, ‘what are you ordering?.’ And I was just lying that I was not hungry. And then she just started asking me, ‘are you sure?.”

And then I just started crying. And then she’s just like, ‘what is the matter?.’ I said, ‘Elohor, I don’t have money.”

Tiwa Savage’s emotional speech brought tears to her eyes and also that of her guests, who were seen in the video, sobbing at the painful ordeal Tiwa Savage experienced in New York.

Her story serves as a lesson to young Nigerians. It teaches them that life is a stage, and our bad times today don’t define our tomorrow, as tomorrow remains unknown.

What did you learn from Tiwa Savage’s ‘Grass to Grace’ story?. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving your comments in the comment section below.

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