Trouble as Twitter Community Notes Accuse Davido of Scamming

Things are not looking very good for superstar musician, Davido, as Twitter community notes accuse him of being a scammer.

Recall that recently, the singer launched into the cryptocurrency industry with his memecoin, $Davido.

Due to his status, many netizens felt safe and invested heavily in the project.

However, they were not pleased as barely 24 hours later, Davido removed his profit leading to a huge loss amongst many who invested.

This has caused confusion, as many of them are now calling him out online, labeling him as a fraud.

Davido has not responded to any of these allegations yet, choosing instead to keep on promoting his memecoin as he promises there are more exciting things coming.

This enraged netizens who made a community note under one of the posts he used to promote his coin, alleging that Davido promotes cryptocurrency scams while sharing evidence.

Considering his superstar status, many fans are worried about the potential impact this might have on his career.

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Pandemonium as Davido accused by Twitter Community notes of being a scammer

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