Turning Hideous to Gorgeous.

It is no lie that colors give a sense of style to a person’s appearance. When you look through a man’s wardrobe, you would be able to guess the colors of cloth that will be there, the central color being black.

Why is this so? Why do men find it hard exploring colors like women? Why do they feel only dull colors work for them? Is that right? Of course not.

Back in the days, if you see a man wear pink, he is looked at as abnormal, even right down till now, a lot of people still view men that way. I don’t feel colors are gender-biased, It’s for everyone and everyone has a right to explore it in their outfits.
Colors That Men Would View As Hideous But Are Gorgeous

  • Pink

  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Cream
  • Lemon

These images would help you see how these colors are beautiful and suitable for you.

Now I feel the problem here, is a large number of men, don’t know how to combine these colors in a way that will suit them. I honestly believe you can rock a yellow t-shirt if you know how to style it.

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