Vendor amazes onlookers with her skilful egg arrangement while selling

A Ghanaian egg vendor has piqued the attention of passersby after she carefully arranged eggs in her head pan while hawking on the street.

In a TikTok video, the egg vendor stacked the cooked eggs in layers, looking like a mountain, while she showcased the varied colours of the eggshells on the pan.

The video showed passersby expressing astonishment at the egg seller’s head pan while taking notice of the surprising egg arrangement while hailing her on the street.

Some passersby disclosed that the arrangement of the egg by the vendor was a ploy and that the person who hit the woman on the street by accident should be prepared to cover their losses.

Ghanaian egg vendor shocks passersby as she skillfully arranges eggs while hawking
Ghanaian egg vendor

Some internet users have praised her profusely for the gorgeous arrangement of eggs, praising Ghanaians in the process.

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