What is your Birthday Tradition?

Hello Guys, How are you all doing? It’s another Thursday and as usual, I have something for you guys

It’s going to be a short writeup, not going to beat around the bush, straight to the point. So I’m going to be talking about my birthday Tradition and how it always go. In my house, we have this tradition, on every birthday there is always cake. A birthday without cake in my house doesn’t feel like a birthday and yeah, What’s an event without Jollof rice and Chicken. So there is always enough to go round.

When I was younger, we do celebrate every birthday with close friends and family and there is always a photographer invited to take pictures for memories. Every birthday, I always have a birthday dress and shoe, but now some things have changed due to the fact I’ve grown up and all. So even if I still get the normal tradition and all, I still always want to do more like go somewhere and hangout with friends.

My birthday was yesterday, so I’m sure you know where the inspiration for the writeup came from and as usual I had the “Birthday Tradition” which is not bad though, I’ve told you my birthday tradition, I would like to hear yours also, so tell me how your birthday goes on the comment section below. It doesn’t only have to be an individual thing, probably It’s a family tradition. Just tell me all about it

2 thoughts on “What is your Birthday Tradition?

  1. Happy Belated Birthday dear❤.. I actually miss having cakes on my Birthday but chicken is inevitably always going to be available?

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