A man has recounted how an abroad returnee found out that his mum had squandered all the money he’s been sending home to his her from overseas.

The Twitter user identified as Napaul, who wrote in reaction to the Achraf Hakimi divorce saga, said that the man had left Owerri for a foreign country to seek better opportunities.

While he was there working, he had been sending money home to his mother so she can help him keep it.

However, on returning back to his home country, he discovered that his mother had spent every penny he sent to her.


The tweep wrote:

“I know a guy at Owerri that hustled abroad and kept sending money to his mom to keep for him, lol blud came back & he had nothing.

This life no get script.

What worked for Hakimi make not work for you, Just pray for wisdom in every circumstance you find yourself in.”

'What worked for Hakimi may not work for you' - Man returns from abroad to discover mum had squandered money he's been sending

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