Woman buys meat pie in Onitsha only to find egg in it.

A woman who bought meat pie in Onitsha was surprised to find egg in it and she took to Twitter to share photos of her purchase.

She tweeted: “It’s only in Onitsha you’ll buy meat pie and find egg in it.”

Twitter users were amused and responded with their own tales and takes.

THE-MAN responded amusingly, “You’re not even grateful you found an egg in it. Someone bought airpie yesterday #chuckles!

Andrew was too shocked, he responded, “Air wetin??”

“It remains for them to put eba and soup in it”, SisterAgatha responded with a smirk.

While Mobolaji offered some piece of advice, “Sister, put am inside incubator. E fit turn chickedn.”

And this is me just wondering when eggs started to appear in mince pies.

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