Woman Describes the Aftermath of Her Allergic Reaction to Catfish

A Nigerian has shocked many people after sharing photos of her allergic reaction after eating catfish.

The meal changed her whole look.

According to photos, after eating the catfish, her face was swollen until she resorted to medication to reduce the swelling.

Here are netizens reactions to her post

@Innie023 reacted: “Jesus. She almost turned to the catfish. Omo!!????”

@Honestina_Ofoha claimed: “Surely Not The Catfish, But One Particular Ingredient Used in Preparing The Fish, The Ingredient Might Contain a Particular Substance Extracted From Something You’re Actually Allergic To ????.”

@RespiratoryDafe wrote: “Allergy is one of those things we don’t talk about in Nigeria. Think about people in jail or called witches simply cos someone ate in their house, had allergy to something in the food, got anaphylaxis, and passed. On the brighter side of this, she knows not to eat catfish again”

@mirab_clothiers reacted: “Omoo thank God oh, me wey love catfish pepper soup like say dem swear for me, barbecue nko? ????”

@chapoflagos asked: “Abi she just wash off her makeup?”

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