10 Amazing Facts About Football You Should Know!

“It’s more than just a game”… This is what most football lovers would tell you if you ask them why they love football so much – including me!

No wonder it’s the world’s most widely watched sport.

Football is a sport played in almost every part of the world – I don’t think there is any country in the world that they don’t play football…do you know one? It’s a sport filled with great history and excitement.

Today, I would dish out 10 amazing facts about football you probably don’t know. Let’s go…shall we?

  1. The football chant ” ole-ole-ole” originated from Spain. It was a chant used in applause of an exceptional bullfighting performance. However, the chant found its way into football stadiums through a Spanish league match in 1982 and was quickly adopted by football fans across Europe.
  1. Football is actually a Chinese game, and not British!

It was known as “cuju” and began in 476BC. Although the British modernised it by inventing the goal posts and most of the rules. They also named it “football”.

  1. The first soccer game televised was the match between Arsenal and Arsenal reserves in 1937.
  1. In Congo 1998, an entire football team of 11 players were struck by lightning on the pitch and all of them had died either by sustaining multiple injuries, or declared dead on the spot. Surprisingly, the opponent team was unharmed!
  1. Brazilian great Ronaldinho, scored 23 goals in a single match. At just the age of 13-14 years, the player became famous after single-handedly scoring 23 goals for his team – only him!
  1. The fastest red card in football history was received by Lee Todd within two seconds of play. He was sent off for uttering the phrase ” f*** me” out loud in response to being mad at himself for such a poor performance.
  1. The only goalkeeper to have won the Golden ball at a world cup tournament is Oliver Kahn of Germany in 2002. The prestigious award is given to the most outstanding player of the tournament – he was the best!
  1. Cristiano Ronaldo is the first player to score in every minute of the game. 
  1. Pele of Brazil is the youngest player ever to win the world cup. He won the world cup aged 17years and 249days. He’s also the youngest teenager to score in a world cup final.
  1.  Lionel Messi holds the record for most goals scored in a calendar year. The Barcelona talisman scored an incredible 91 goals in 2012.

There you go! Ten amazing facts in the world of football for you. 

Apparently, there are some facts about this awesome game you might wanna know. Notify me in the comment section below and I would let you know all about it in no time. 

Remember to share too!

Keep enjoying the game!

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