15 truths your girlfriend never wants to admit to you

There are a few intriguing things that ladies would prefer not to share with you. Additionally, there are instances when keeping some things silent is preferable for your relationship.

Women don’t particularly care whether you are aware of these 15 facts; they just prefer to keep their opinions to themselves.

Furthermore, it must be noted that knowing these minor secrets does not endanger your relationship in any way.

Ok? Let’s get started with the first topic: 15 realities your sweetheart will never readily disclose to you.

1. Her best friend knows more

Her best friend knows more about her than you might ever know. That same best friend probably knows too much about you, too.

Of course, that’s because your girl is always telling her about stuff that happens in your relationship.

2. Different sense of timing

When she says, “I’ll meet you in 15 minutes,” It means she’ll be there in like 40 minutes.

But hey, don’t we all know this?

3. She’s not really mad that you’re busy

Even though she may complain that you work too hard, she finds it sexy watching you put in effort into making yourself [and her] better.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t create time for her though.

4. She knows a lot about your exes

She has Googled your ex[es] and knows at least one of their social media handles.

5. She compares

She still thinks about her ex-boyfriends and compares them to you.

Sometimes you come out better. Sometimes not. It’s nothing to worry about.

6. Secret porn

She’s probably seen more porn than she might ever admit.

7. Body count

She’ll never tell you exactly how many men she’s slept with.

8. She likes dirty talk

She wants you to talk dirty a little. Maybe more than a little sometimes.

No matter how prudent she appears to others. A part of her needs to know that the thought of her body drives you nuts.

9. Sneaky tests

She tests you more than you know.

She observes, analyzes, and judges every action, word, gesture, email, and facial expression.

10. She checks you out

She checks out your butt. A whole lot.

11. Lowkey requests

She needs constant indications that you want her around. That’s why she says, “What are you up to this weekend?” instead of outrightly saying she wants to spend time with you that weekend.

12. She has wild thoughts

She fantasized about having sex with you at least a dozen times before it actually happened.

13. She needs assurance

She sometimes starts fights with you because she’s feeling ignored.

She just wants your attention in any manner possible. Better a squabble than getting the mute treatment.

14. She likes it when you get the bill

Even if she insists on paying or splitting the bill on your first date, she’ll very likely think you’re cheap if you let her.

15. The end

If she’s going to break up with you, her friends know way before you do.

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