These three words are very familiar, but people don’t understand what they mean, mainly because they are used interchangeably.
Let’s take a quick look at the difference between these three, they look similar but they are very different.

Fashion: This has to do with global trends. It is timely. Fashionable people always follow the latest fashion trends, and they put on designer clothing.

Style: Style on the other hand is personal. It is the way a person expresses him/herself through aesthetic choices that involve their clothing, hairstyle, accessories, and the likes. Style is timeless, it does not follow fashion trends. It formulates a sense of self.

Drip: I like this more, a lot of people use this a lot, without the understanding of what it means. “Drip” is a word used when referring to someone who has a great sense of style, someone who can combine any type of clothing and still look amazing. “Drip” doesn’t just involve wearing designer brands. A person can do all that and look wacky, but now someone will do this same thing and be looking their best.


I hope you are cleared on that, and you’ve learned the difference between these three words. Do leave a comment and kindly share, thank you.

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