5 Characteristics That Always Make You Toxic.

Do you remember, bad energy stay far away…? Course you do. So, the normal thing is to pin all the toxicity of the world on everybody but you. Well, fortunately for you, it’s time to look inward. What are those characteristic traits that make you toxic—to yourself and people around you? It’s time to find out!

1. Negativity.          

“Why all the negativity mahn?” Those that saw Fast and Furious 7 would remember the Spanish guy that always thought nothing good could come out of any situation. The most dominant trait of any toxic person is that they leave the people they interact with; whether they be family members, friends, work colleagues and (this is funny) even strangers.

Toxic people always want to suck out all the positive energy, transform it into negative energy, and return it. So, next time you’re being pessimistic about a situation or a person, remember that, at that moment, you’re being toxic. Think positively always!

2. Violence.                                          

“I am War! I am Fight! I am…” I’ll let you complete the sentence. Really, how many times have you meant it? It doesn’t really matter if you spoke it out literally, word-for-word.

“I’ll show you pepper” “What do you take me for?”

Toxic people are always itching for a fight. They do this by provoking you. They may make fun of you, ridicule, and undermine you just to make themselves look bigger. Truly, they make it so easy to give in and respond with physical violence.

Remember that people who feel the need to provoke or undermine you, do so because they feel inferior to you. And you, too, that likes doing that—you should stop. You really should.   

3. Manipulation.

Who likes being manipulated? Certainly not me…

Toxic people are fond of manipulating others in order to make them behave the way they want, and, of course, to get what they want from them.  

Most toxic people do this by playing the victim, so they can get the approval and support of others. They make use of the Halo effect (what is attractive must also be good) and the Horn effect your to manipulate people negatively, or to escape a crime they committed and blame it on others.

Because a person is good-looking doesn’t mean they’d have good personality. It’s such a flawed and naive thought pattern. Toxic people always take advantage of that.

4. Insecurity.

Because they are so insecure and have low self-worth, they always feel the need to put others down, so they can feel better about themselves and be seen as better by others.

Many toxic people will go an extremely long way to reach this. An example of this would be if someone constantly belittles you and tries everything in their power to make you look bad.

5. Judgmental.

They are too judgemental. Toxic people often criticize and judge every person they come across by always pointing out their flaws. Plus, they give the impression that nobody is good enough for them because they have a negative attitude about new people. Not counting an inflated sense of self-worth without having anything to back it up. They see themselves as far superior to others and everything revolves around what they like and don’t like.

Yup. These five major characteristics reveal a person as toxic—but they’re not all. Comment if you’d like to contribute or add another trait I might have missed, so everyone can be on the lookout. I’ll be expecting the comments!

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