Think About It: Is Karma A Bitch?

Karma is a notion that if you do bad things to people, bad things will happen to you too and vice versa. “Karma is a Bitch” is a phrase usually used when something bad happens to a bad person.

As much as we fully think, we understand how karma works, I think there is a lot we are ignorant about. I mean to start with, It is clear to us that whatever goes around comes back around, and we know that if we do good, we will receive the same, so if this is true, how is karma then a bitch?

This little phrase has been used a lot of times, with the belief that whenever someone does wrong, they should get ready cause karma will clear things up, others have used it as a way of telling people that nemesis will catch up with them via karma’s cosmic distribution.

I believe that we have changed the ancient concept of what goes around comes around to an overly facilitated version of vengeance and retaliation.
There are a lot of people who believe that because they got hurt by this particular person many years ago, such person is going to get their karma a few years after, may I remind you this is not Nollywood, most of the times it doesn’t happen that way.

Karma is there to remind us and put us in check whenever there is a need to disrespect anyone, It makes you gain consciousness about life choices. It prevents us from negative choices that we can be sure karma will payback.
So I ask again, Is Karma A Bitch? Feed me with your opinion on this by making use of the comment section below.

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