5 Period Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Hello Guys. I’m here again with another beautiful article, this one will be focusing on period hacks every girl should know. This is strictly for girls, so if you are reading this, people do well to share this with as many girls as possible. Periods come unexpectedly and could be very tough on women, especially the ones who aren’t ready. They usually take 3-5 days and they come with a whole lot, such as lower back pain, nausea, diarrhea and headache.

Now many questions have been asked concerning periods and how to deal with it. So I don’t know if this is going to answer most of the questions you have concerning periods, but i will be dropping 5 period hacks I feel every girl should be aware of

  1. Period Tracker App: Hmm, Most girls are aware of this, but they don’t like using it, for some reason I don’t know about, but I want you to know that a period tracker app is really good because it helps you to track your next period date. It helps you to predict when next you are going to see it and gives you adequate time to prepare for it. For those who don’t know which to download, I recommend Women’s Diary. It’s a beautiful app.
  2. Always use a heating pad: Okay this applies to my geng (Those of us that do have severe menstrual cramps) always make use of a heating pad, place it on your tummy and you will notice that the pain will begin to ease and for those who don’t have a heating pad, you can make use of a hot water and towel. It serves the same purpose, only that a heating pad will last longer.
  3. Always carry an Emergency Kit: Never forget to have an emergency kit with you, cause you are not sure of the time or day( Okay this is funny cause it sounds like rapture) Jokes apart guys, an emergency kit is very helpful. It could be disguised as a makeup bag containing wipes, sanitary pads, an extra underwear and tampons. Trust me it saves, It really does.
  4. Stay away from Sugar: Please I’m begging you, there are many people that will be like ” I’m always craving sugary food when I’m on my period or before my period” Ahh. The pain your craving will result to, is not from this planet. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Please stay away from sugar before and during your period. (An advice from a sister to another sister).
  5. Always try to look good: This is the hard part when it comes to periods, because most of us, we don’t take care of ourselves when on our periods. We just stay at home, eat junks, watch netflix, and cry due to cramps, but this is bad because it makes us lazy. Try as much as possible to look good, feel good.( Take a shower, dress up, smell nice) and it will put you in a whole different mood that will get you doing things or going places you wouldn’t go normally.

Guys. I hope this period hacks are very helpful as you try to put them into practice, and I hope you really take to it. As much as I know I said this is strictly for girls, I know there are some guys here, reading ( you are disobedient, please I’m just joking ) No Knowledge is a waste. Please do well to share to your female friends and thank you so much for checking this out, I appreciate. Please leave a comment below on how you feel about the post and if you have any questions also.

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